Clashes with police leave several injured in southeast Turkey

A riot in Yüksekova in the eastern province of Hakkari on Wednesday resulted in several injuries to both police officers and local citizens, news agencies reported.

One police officer was beaten and left for dead by an enraged crowd while five other officers were also hurt, one report said.

According to some sources, the riot began after four police officers attempted to detain a wanted man, who subsequently asked for help from people in the streets; a crowd quickly formed, attacking police.

Local news sources, however, reported that a man was apprehended by local citizens while trying to plant a bomb in an office building. Police reportedly attacked the crowd in an effort to capture the man, but were themselves attacked by locals, precipitating the riot that eventually left the one officer with serious injuries.

According to unofficial numbers, 10 civilians were wounded and 13 were detained in the incident.

In the last several weeks, Yüksekova has been the site of apparent attempts to provoke violence via racist flyers from unknown parties, as well as a fake bomb that was eventually determined to be a portable stove.

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