Ex-Casino Royale employees in nasty confrontation with cops

RETRENCHED workers of the Casino Royale Hotel were involved in a nasty collision with police as they tried to force their way into the hotel, where talks about their exit packages were ongoing.
The employees decided to bulldoze their way inside the hotel after it had taken too long to have them briefed on the progress of the talks between the representatives and management, where the labour officials were a neutral party.
Some of the employees were so enraged that they were seen wrestling with police officers, who had assembled at the entrance in full gear with others armed with shields and riot uniforms as well as carrying teargas canisters.
The confrontation almost became nasty when some of the employees started pushing the police officers who stood their ground that no one would be allowed inside. The employees wanted to have a word with the directors but police refused them the chance as they feared that could lead to a fight.
On the other hand, the new employees who were at work were not spared by the employees whose services have been terminated. Some of the new employees were subjected to all sorts of abuse and threatened with assault.
The employees, whose services have been terminated, complained that the new employees had ‘stolen’ their jobs. So serious was the situation that it necessitated the new employees who were knocking off from work to get police escort out of the premises.
Some were transported in a police bakkie when it was noticed how dangerous it would be to allow them leave without protection as the enraged former employees were keen to deal with them.
It was also noted that the company’s director, Kobus van den Bergh, with her daughter Tharien van den Bergh, who is the general manager, both did not risk coming out to address the employees yesterday.
By 6.20pm, even after the explanation on what was agreed on, some remained within the hotel premises stating that they would rather camp there until they were paid what they deserved not what was reflected in the document outlining the final payment had been calculated. The axed employees complained about the meagre packages given to them by the management, with some getting as low as E500.
Most of the employees had their services terminated at the beginning of the month.


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