Southern Africa on the edge over Arab revolt fever

The Arab revolt fever could be spreading across the southern African region with Zambia, Angola, Zimbabwe and Swaziland reportedly on the edge over a possible mass protests.

And the leaders of those countries are not taking chances. They have openly warned against any kind of revolt.

In Swaziland, a Facebook known as The April 12 Uprising is calling for the overthrow of King Mswati III on April 12, 2011. This is the date in 1973 when political parties were banned.

Angola’s ruling MPLA party has threatened to take ‘serious measures’ against anyone seeking power in the streets after an anonymous call for a mass protest in on March 6.

Zambia has not been left out in all these going by President Rupiah Banda’s recent warning to his adversaries against “misleading” Zambians to stage Egypt-style street revolt to remove his government from power, while in Zimbabwe, underground activists are planning anti-President Robert Mugabe protests on Tuesday.

The activists calling for President Mugabe’s resignation have been mobilising through social networks such as Facebook since last week.

At least 45 activists, including a former opposition legislator and university lecturer Munyaradzi Gwisai, have been charged with treason after they were found watching videos of the Egyptian and Tunisian uprisings.

Analysts say the arrests were part of a plan by President Mugabe’s loyalists to pre-empt similar protests. Africa Review

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