Algeria worried by Libya unrest

ALGIERS — Algeria is extremely concerned about the situation in neighbouring Libya including the violence and disappearance of its institutions during the ongoing uprising, the foreign minister said.

“Algeria is extremely worried and not satisfied with just simply repatriating those who, among its citizens, want to return to their country,” Foreign Minister Mourad Medelci was quoted as saying by the Algerian media.

“It is also listening out for anything that could tomorrow return security, order and progress to Libya, which is an important country for us,” he said.

Medelci in particular raised concern that the situation was “characterised by the renewal of violence but also by the visible and progressive disappearance of the country’s institutions.”

Several thousand Algerians working in Libya have returned to their country since the start two weeks ago of an uprising against Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi.

Some have returned by plane and across the land border and a ship despatched to Benghazi and Tripoli is expected to return to Algiers on Wednesday.

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