ludmila p: A new source of communist counter information on gender

According to their “About” section:

“This is a collection of information from mainstream news sources designed to help develop a materialist analysis of gender relations under contemporary capitalism. We are interested in the economic basis of women’s oppression, looking at the links between the labor market, gender divisions of labor, paid and unpaid reproductive labor, feminization, population and fertility policies, and family structures.  Our review of global news sources leads us to emphasize certain themes:

+the expansion of a global and racial division of reproductive labor between women, extending to the process of biological reproduction itself

+a reshaping of the gender division of waged labor, related to the current economic crisis

+the signs of a serious attack on female reproductive control in the U.S.

+an ongoing epidemic of sexual and physical violence against women and transgendered people in many parts of the world

+major transformations in family structures, marriage and divorce rates, and female fertility rates related to economic restructuring

+major cuts in state funding for services that disproportionately reach women and children, from welfare to domestic violence shelters

+a concern on the part of nation-states and capitalists to control female fertility and hence population in specific regions and nations

+the tendency of all states, regimes, and parties, whether social democratic, anti-imperialist, communist, Islamic, or neoliberal, to institutionalize patriarchal gender relations, though often in very different ways

We also look for the presence of gender struggle in the headlines, wanting to understand what forms these struggles take. We search the news for traces of conflict and resistance in the form of individual, informal strategies as well as collective movements. We find telling signs in the lurid but commonplace reports of ordinary crimes, which in their descriptions of domestic dramas spell out the violence and oppression of marriage and private life. What we find confirms our belief that the gender struggle is the class struggle.

Against gender, against the family, for communism!”

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