Teacher removed for supporting students

PHILADELPHIA, Feb. 26 (UPI) — A Philadelphia teacher has been removed from the classroom for publicly supporting students who protested their high school being turned into a charter.

Hope Moffett, 25, spent her fourth day Friday in the “rubber room,” as teachers call the limbo where they are placed while awaiting discipline, the Philadelphia Daily News reported. Instead of teaching at Audenried High School, she has been sitting in a basement room at the district’s High School Academic Division office.

Officials accuse Moffett of “inciting to riot” and endangering her students by giving them transit tokens to get to a rally. They wanted to protest plans to convert Audenried, which is only 3 years old, to a charter school.

She faces further discipline for writing an op-ed piece for the News after she was sent to the rubber room.

Several hundred people rallied Friday outside City Hall to protest what they described as high-handed changes in the schools. Mary Savio, a graduate student and activist with the Teacher Action Group, said there is a “culture of fear” among teachers in Philadelphia now because of budget cuts.

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