Somalia: Citizens Killed in Libya Unrest

Tripoli — In Libya, at least three Somali refugees have been killed by some of Libyan demonstrators on Thursday night, witness said.

Riyaa Abdulaziz Abdulkadir, a Somali refugee in Libya, told Shabelle Media Network the protestors, who are chanting slogans against Moamar Ghadafi, started targeting Somali refugees in the country.

Abdulkadir confirmed the deaths of some of Somali refugees there.

There are some of them who have been tortured the protestors as the reason is still unknown, according to the eyewitness.

Riyaa Abdulaziz Abdulkadir pointed that the Somali refugees are estimated about two thousand.

He added that a fearful condition face all Somali refugees in different cities and towns of Libya where violent demonstrations rock.

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