Biggest protest since Ben Ali’s fall demands Ghannouchi go

At least 100,000 people demonstrated in Tunis Friday, calling on Prime Minister Mohamed Ghannouchi’s government to go.

In what the International Red Crescent believes is the biggest demonstration since the fall of President Zine el Abidine Ben Ali, demonstrators accused Ghannouchi of “usurping” and “confiscating” the revolution.

Ghannouchi, who had been prime minister under Ben Ali since 1999, formed an interim government after his former boss’ departure.

But most of Ben Ali’s ministers kept their jobs until popular protests forced a reshuffle on 27 January.

Because of continuing protests in central Tunis, the government has relocated to Carthage, in the Tunis outskirts.

A continuing decline in living standards and poor security have failed to calm the wave of opposition, which is expected to give rise to a sit-in in front of the Casbah, where the anti-Ben Ali protests were concentrated.

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