Sulaimaniya resumed demo for fifth day

Shortly ago demonstrators took into streets in Sulaimaniya, marking the fifth successive day of a public protest for demanding change of the Kurdish government. At the same time, the security forces have been deployed across the city.

The clashes between the protesters and the security in the second largest city in the Kurdistan Region, northern Iraq, has since Thursday caused two lives, both underage, and wounded almost one hundred people.

The demonstrators have poured on the streets while many fabrics of the Kurdish society call for calming the situation. Currently, the Kurdistan premier, Barham Salih and the representative of the political parties are engaged in talks to break through the recent tensions.

A number of Kurdish writers and journalist are seen among the protesters today, including Rebin Hardi, the ex-chief editor for Awena daily as well as Nabaz Goran, the journalist, Fayeq Golpi, the president of the Kurdistan Democratic Solution Party and Asos Hardi the director general for Awena Company.

Some organizers of the recent protests were arrested by security for “inciting sedition.”

The protesters have raised banners, which read “No for Violence, Yes for Peace.”

The protesters criticized “the economic and political monopoly of power in Kurdistan”, and demanded “democratic reform and elections”. The international reports suggest the protesters complained of “corruption, joblessness and poor living conditions.” Many people have observed if they are not affiliated with either of the major parties, “their chance for employment is the slightest.”

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