News Reports on General Strike in Kurdistan of Iran

Kurdistan and Kurd News: There was a general strike in most areas of the Kurdistan in Iran today.
In the city of Saqez about 70% of all stores and Bazar was closed as the city joined the general strike in a protest against the Islamic Regime.

There were major protests in the city of Mahabad with young protesters coming together at the Esteghlal square and chanting anti-Regime slogans. While the security forces were present and attacking the protesters, the protesters were not backing down and were busy defending themselves using rocks and sticks and were not backing down. The protesters were able to force the security forces to back down in Esteghlal Square. In an attempt to win back control the security forces fired at the protesters killing and injuring at least 4 people.

The city of Bukan also joined the general strike and about 90% of all stores and Bazaar was closed today, even though the presence of security forces was significant and they were trying hard to prevent people from joining the general strike.

In the city of Sanandaj protests took place in various parts of the city, 100’s of security forces were present throughout the city trying to prevent people from closing shop and joining the general strike, however the security forces were not successful and many store owners joined the general strike in Kurdistan by closing shop.

In the city of Marivan as well. Two security forces had been killed by armed opposition groups last night. There were protests in the city with protesters chanting anti-regime slogans. Number of protesters have been arrested by security forces.

In the city of Kermanshah as well protesters gathered in the main square of the city.

In the city of Kamyaran there was a heavy presence of security forces who would not allow for more than a few people to gather at the same time. Also the home of Farzad Kamangar’s father who was executed last May be the Islamic Regime has been surrounded by security forces.

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