Protest in Egypt after army vehicle kills woman

CAIRO Feb 20 (Reuters) – Around 1,000 Egyptians protested on Sunday in a city east of Cairo after a woman was killed by an army vehicle during a demonstration, eyewitnesses said.

The incident marked the latest eruption of public anger in the wake of countrywide protests that began on Jan. 25 and led to the toppling of President Hosni Mubarak.

The witnesses said Etedal Mohamed Ghoneim, 42, was killed when she was run over by a military vehicle during a protest by lorry drivers in front of the Red Sea port of Adabiya. A medical source said Ghoneim died before reaching hospital.

The details of Ghoneim’s death were not immediately clear, but some witnesses said she had been clinging on to a moving army tank that was carrying away her son, along with four other protesters, in an attempt to disperse the gathering.

The vehicle had moved suddenly as several people clung to it to block its movement, the witnesses said.

They said about 100 protesters had gathered at the port to complain about rising tolls and what they said was mistreatment from the port’s administration. Ghoneim’s death swelled people’s anger, drawing 1,000 protesters to the spot where she had died.

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