2 women hospitalized after 9-day hunger strike

Two women who had their lips sowed shut to protest against the construction of an apartment in Central Jakarta were taken to Universitas Kristen Indonesia in East Jakarta on Sunday, because of their deteriorating condition.

Eet and Lusi, former residents of South Rawasari, Cempaka Putih, began their hunger strike nine days ago to protest the City administration’s move to evict them to make way for the construction of the Green Pramuka apartments.

“When they arrived at the Emergency Unit, both were given IV treatments because they hadn’t had anything to eat in nine days,” a spokesman for the residents, Seno Budiarto, said Monday as quoted by kompas.com.

Previously, two other protesters who had scotch-taped their mouths were hospitalized for similar reasons.

The land on which the protesters used to reside was once known as a center for ceramics.

Three years ago, the residents were told they were being evicted to make way for a green area.

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