Kurds clash with police in Turkey

Twenty thousand Kurds faced police brutality during a demonstration. They were, ironically, marching in protest at police brutality during protests in Diyarbakır, Kurdish Info said.

The demonstrations in Diyarbakir were protesting against the police violence and arrests saw the coming together of about 20 thousand people who marched towards Koşuyolu Park. The conflict arose as a result of the police attack in Bayramoglu district.

Several people were injured in the attack. Police arrested six teenagers who were beaten up and were seen with blood stains on their faces. They were forced to the ground for a long time and their hands tied from behind.

The people sought to resist the detentions by the police and there was mounting tension. Refused permission to pass along the streets, young people faced police roadblocks, and hailed stones and Molotov cocktails against the harsh intervention of the police.

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