Report: At least six killed in clashes in Egypt

Cairo – At least six people were killed and 80 injured in violent clashes in Egypt Monday, in the aftermath of protests that led to the resignation of Hosny Mubarak as president, a local newspaper reported.

According to the daily al-Masry al-Youm, four people were killed and 65 injured in armed clashes between escaped prisoners and gangs in Port Said, near the Suez Canal.

In the city of Minya, in Upper Egypt, two prisoners were killed and 11 injured in clashes between police and an armed group that tried to take over a prison and free inmates, according to the report.

Four policemen were injured in the clashes, which lasted for over two hours.

In Beni Soueif, around 150 kilometres south of Cairo, armed gangs looted buildings and property belonging to the city. After a shootout with police, five of the gang members were arrested.

An unconfirmed number of prisoners escaped from several of Egypt’s prisons amid nationwide protests and unrest in late January.

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