Egyptian Workers on Strike in Sinai Peninsula

More than 700 Egyptian workers staged sit-ins in different towns on Sunday in Sinai Peninsula, asking for better wages and working conditions.

Hundreds of workers, who are employed by a company providing service to the multinational peacekeeping forces, gathered outside the office building of the peacekeeping force in Sharm El-Sheikh and El Gorah, demanding rise of their wages.

The mission of the multinational peace keeping force is to watch the execution of the Egypt-Israel peace treaty, which was signed in 1979.

The supreme council of Egyptian armed forces issued “Communique NO. 4” on Saturday, stating it respects all regional and international treaties and agreements, in response to doubts over the Egyptian-Israel peace treaty.

Meanwhile, around 300 workers launched strikes in hospitals and mining sites in north Sinai’s Arish, asking for permanent jobs and medical insurance contracts.

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