San Martín rail service blockage in place, meeting scheduled

Outsourced railway workers have returned to Retiro, and are currently blocking off San Martín train services, which began at 10.30AM. The workers are scheduled to meet with the Labour Ministry at 5PM this afternoon to negotiate terms.

They are requesting that twenty-five workers be registered as permanent employees, who by their statements “should have entered into work on the 26th January”.

The return to protest follows the workers failing to reach an agreement with the government yesterday, thus blocking Alem Avenue in front of the Labour Ministry, making threats to block the railway lines.

The workers also blocked off the San Martín train line ticket offices in Retiro for over an hour and ended the protest in order to head towards the Ministry, where they met with government officials in order to find a solution to the conflict.

“We want the agreement we signed to be respected. The Secretary of Transportation lied to us,” the union spokesman Mario Páez said.

Mr. Páez threatened to block the San Martín or Belgrano Sur railway lines “if there demands were not heard.”

Retiro station experienced slight delays on the San Martín line yesterday, as the ticket offices were blocked by the workers for over an hour.

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