José León Suárez residents protest killings in train derailment case

José León Suárez residents, along with several social organizations, led a demonstration in front of the 4th police precinct in order to protest the deaths of two young men last week during a robbery attempt to a derailed train in the area.

Government officials are looking to investigate several police officers from the precinct after one of them admitted using live ammo in order to discourage robbers from attacking the train.

San Martin district attorney Marcelo Sendot summoned 15 police officers who were involved in the operative so they could provide him with their side of the story.

Buenos Aires province Security Minister Ricardo Casal accused the robbers of being part of a “gang of drug traffickers” and defended the officers’ actions, creating certain rifts with the Executive.

For the time being, Ministry of Labour authorities decided to intervene the José León Suárez precinct yesterday until they can determine who was responsible for the killings.

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