Cops monitor Crossroads protest

Cape Town metro police were called out to the stretch of Lansdowne Road in New Crossroads after 50 people burned tyres and dumped rubble in the road.

Deputy metro police chief Yolande Faro said that police, who were also on the scene this morning, had advised her that no-one had been injured and no property had been damaged.

She said the protest started at around 6am this morning.

Faro said the reason for the protests had been recorded as “service delivery”, and that by 9am police were still on the scene with metro police monitoring the situation.

Last year, it was reported that protests along Lansdowne Road had cost the city about R1,5-million over two months.

In October, the city said its Lansdowne Fire Station had been badly hit when 15 protesters split from the main group and threw stones and pieces of concrete at the station and fire engines.

Both the engine room doors were damaged and the windscreen of one of the city’s new fire engines was shattered.

Violent protests routinely spill from surrounding areas on to different sections of Lansdowne Road, making parts of it a no-go zone when residents block it with rubble and burning tyres. – Cape Argus

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