Greek anarchists claim bomb sent to justice minister

ATHENS — A Greek anarchist group on Sunday claimed responsibility for a letter bomb sent to Justice Minister Haris Kastanidis earlier in the week.

Police defused the package after security officials working in the ministry warned them of the arrival of a suspicious letter.

The claim of responsibility comes a day before the trial of 13 suspected members of the group, the Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei, is due to resume in Athens.

Four of 13 suspected Greek anarchists charged with belonging to the terrorist group went on hunger strike Friday “in protest against the court’s refusal to meet their demands,” a defence lawyer told AFP.

One of those demands was for the trial to be recorded, but it was rejected on grounds of cost.

“We sent an incendiary package to Minister of Justice Haris Kastanidis who is responsible for refusing one out of two requests from our comrades to record the proceedings of the trial,” read a text posted on behalf of the Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei on the Greek Indymedia website.

Seen as the latest generation in a three-decade run of far-left extremism in Greece, the group became prominent in 2008 with a series of attacks on the homes and offices of politicians.

It sent a wave of parcel bombs to foreign missions in Athens and a trio of European leaders abroad in November, and the following month placed a time bomb outside a court in Athens to threaten justice officials ahead of the opening of the current trial.

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