Police try to stop protestor’s march to parliament

Police has sprayed tear-gas and water canons at demonstrators who tried to march to the parliamentary building to protest a legislation.

Members of labor unions as well as workers who converged to the capital Ankara from across Turkey, gathered at a park in Ankara.

They closed an avenue in the city center, and tried to march to the parliamentary building by chanting slogans against the government and the police.

Police blocked the main road leading to the building with a line of vans and used tear-gas and pressurized water to push them back while demonstrators hurled sticks and stone at police.

Some demonstrators as well as passersby and deputies from the main opposition party were injured during the clashes.

Turkey’s parliament has currently been debating a package of assorted legislation which includes measures pardoning penalties for unpaid taxes or fines, allowing employers to employ interns and apprentices for four months without pay.

Labor unions claimed that the changes would enable the government to use a special fund designed to fight unemployment for other purposes.

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