Tea workers plot another strike for April

January 30 2011

The Kenya Agricultural Plantation Workers Union has announced a strike in April to protest against the continued use of harvesting machines and failure to reinstate sacked workers.

The national treasurer, Mr Joshua Oyuga, said that the union had no option but to call for a major strike in April “when tea produce is always at its peak” to pressurise two multinationals to act on orders to reinstate 33 tea workers who were sacked after taking part in an earlier strike.

“James Finlay of Kericho and Sotik Tea have failed to adhere to an agreement that employees who were sacked for participating in the strike be reinstated and given their full pay,” he said.

Mr Oyuga said that 22 were sacked in Sotik while 11 lost their jobs in Kericho for participating in an earlier strike in October called to protest against the increase in the number of mechanical harvesting machines in use.

The official was speaking in Kericho during the presentation of cash to the sacked workers to sustain themselves and their families.

A total of Sh200,000 will be distributed among the 33.

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