Slum dwellers and luxery apartment renters together? We don’t think so!

"Zamalek along with Maadi and some parts of Mohandessen, Heliopolis, and Garden City are considered as Egypt's top class residential areas, the cream of the crop."

All reports in the international media which have come to our attention, have indicated that the residents of wealthy neighborhoods in Cairo have been organizing vigilante groups to protect their property.

We don’t consider this a “revolutionary” development, we consider this capitalist terror against the proletariat and as such indicative of the confused (albeit rich with potential) state of developments in Egypt at this time.

Its important to avoid the democratic fetishism which anoints every form of popular self-organization with the royal seal of revolutionary enthusiasm, it is class and programmatic content which is important in terms of distinction between friend and enemy, not the mere fact of mass participation.

Many illustrations of this fact can be found in the history of the class struggle, from the role played by the councils at certain times during the Russian and German revolutions in safeguarding bourgeois hegemony, to the lowest common denominator reformism of the APPO during the Oaxaca commune.

The only solution to the problem of disorganized looting by unscrupulous criminal elements and police agents is organized and systematic expropriation, not the restoration of capitalist order.

It is the responsibility of communists to advocate and organize for the imposition of the communist program, not to lose themselves in lovelorn intoxication at the mere sight of any spontaneous mass movement.

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