Mothers stage protest against air pollution in Southern Bulgaria

30 January 2011
Kardzhali. Around 100 people gathered on a silent protest in front of the municipal office in the Southern city of Kardzhali to express their disagreement with the air pollution caused by the local lead-zinc factory, journalist Nihat Dogy informed FOCUS News Agency. The protestors are mainly mothers of young children.
Margarita Pavlova, organiser of the protest held under the motto “I want to breathe”, who is a mother of two kids, said that if the local government does not take measures against the air pollution in a one-month deadline, there will be civil disobedience and the citizens will block the road juncture leading to the Veselchane quarter.
“I am happy to see this happening in Kardzhali – citizens joined this protest and expressed their position, and namely – they want clear air. For years we have been fighting to solve this problem. We want the production of lead and zinc to be reduced, and respectively cut the harmful emissions in the air. We do not want to close down the factory but rather want it to be modernised. That is why I am happy that citizens showed that they will not put up with the arbitrariness of company’s management,” said Mayor of Kardzhali Hasan Azis, who supported the silent protest of the mothers.

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