Five hundred people demonstrated yesterday in the center of Tunis

Five hundred people demonstrated yesterday in the center of Tunis to denounce the eviction yesterday riot forces of the Plaza of the Government of Tunisia, where several thousand people calling for the resignation of Prime Minister Mohamed Ganuchi.  ”This is a reaction to yesterday’s police crackdown. The new Government has shown its face repressor,” Efe said one of the marchers Abed Ali al-Din, a university student.

During the expulsion of deriving yesterday that ended in clashes that spread through the old city and reached the central avenue Habib Burgiba, police used tear gas. Among banners reading “the first made by the Executive has been killing people” or “the people want the downfall of the government” the marchers gathered today outside the Ministry of Interior, Habib Bourguiba Avenue, to the gaze of dozens of people who drank coffee on the terrace of the busiest establishments in the city center.

Dozens of police vans were on the first afternoon watching the protesters on the Avenue Bourguiba, which also remain army tanks stationed for days in the main access to the popular artery.  The eviction of the Plaza of the Government, which called for deeper reforms, was held a few hours after Ganuchi, who served as head of the executive over the last years of the regime of deposed President Ben Ali, announced that a new Government had gone all sides of the old regime.

Thousands of evacuees had arrived in Tunis yesterday in several caravans from the poorest regions of central and southern country, demanding the continuation of the democratic process by the fear of stagnation involves the return of the deposed Ben Ali, who fled from Tunisia on October 14 after a month of protests.

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