Small bombs go off in municipal building in central Athens

Jan 27

Athens – A small bomb went off near a municipal building in central Athens, but no reports of injuries were reported.

The mechanical device exploded in the early hours on Thursday at the municipal building in Zografou, a suburb in central Athens.

Reports said another small bomb exploded outside a fast food restaurant. Both bombs caused minor damage.

The explosions occurred just as the trial of nine suspected members of a Greek left-wing anarchist group over a series of bomb attacks is underway.

The suspects, all in their early 20s, are members of the Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei and are on trial for a series of bombings against government buildings and homes of politicians. Four other wanted suspects will be tried in absentia.

The organization has claimed responsibility for a series of parcel bomb attacks in November and the bombing of a court building last month.

They face a maximum of 25 years in prison if found guilty.

There was heavy security around Korydallos prison. Dozens of protesters shouted anti-government slogans near the court house, which has been built within the prison.

Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei has limited its activities to arson and minor bomb attacks against government buildings and the offices and homes of politicians.

Greek police have also recently arrested several suspected extremists of the far-left organization, Revolutionary Struggle.

Revolutionary Struggle emerged in 2003 and has carried out more than a dozen attacks, including a rocket strike against the US embassy in Athens three years ago and a bomb attack on the Athens Stock Exchange last year.

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