“Separatist organizations join forces to create chaos in Turkey”

27 January 2011

Police recently discovered that various extremist student groups have united to form new structures with the sole purpose of causing agitation in universities.
A number of separatist and extreme-left organizations have joined forces to provoke opposing student groups in the hope of creating a fractious environment in Turkey’s universities.

The Turkey Youth Union (TGB), known for their ideological proximity to the Workers’ Party (İP), has been reportedly planning to stage a provocation during the opening ceremony of the 2011 Winter Universiade today.

Anti-terror units from the police department recently foiled a plan to create chaos, which they say was jointly planned by the terrorist Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), the Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party/Front (DHKP/C), the Communist Labor Party of Turkey-Leninist (TKEP-L), the Maoist Communist Party (MKP), the Communist Workers Party of Turkey (TKİP) and the Turkish People’s Liberation Party/Front (THKP/C). Five militants involved in the plan were arrested during the operation.

The Ankara Police Department Anti-Terrorism Unit (TEM), which has been investigating the recent clashes between protesting students and police in universities, exposed the plan. Investigators found that various student groups adhering to the ideologies of the DHKP/C, TKEP-L, MKP, TKİP and THKP/C came together in regular meetings organized by the PKK.

The unit found that cooperating terrorist organizations have formed new structures with the sole purpose of agitating at universities, discovering newly formed squads called Punisher, Intelligence, Health, Surveying and Releaser. A university student from each organization was placed on each team. The Releaser squad was equipped with knives, clubs and other weapons to be used in attacking student groups with opposing ideologies, while members of the Intelligence and Surveying groups gather information about the targets of their planned attacks. A large number of detailed maps were found on the suspects arrested in the investigation.

Protestors linked to illegal groups

A female PKK militant identified only as D.S. was detained inside the Ankara Metro as part of the operation. Police confiscated documents and maps about a planned attack from her. Four others identified as Y.Y., U.S., A.Y. and R.A. were detained in the same operation and placed under arrest by the court they were referred to. The police have established that U.S. had a prior record due to his links to the PKK, while R.A. had a record for his membership in the DHKP-C. A large number of sharp objects as well as propaganda materials, including declarations, banners and other group publications, were found on the suspects. The police say that the suspects have taken part in a large number of demonstrations in the capital, provoking the crowds.

Investigators say the plan was part of the PKK’s larger plan to move its rural attack base to urban areas. The PKK, which is traditionally weak in cities, attempted to cooperate with left-wing groups to create an environment of conflict between different student groups divided along ethnic lines and ideological lines.

Meanwhile, investigations have revealed similar connections to those who attacked the Alevi İstanbul Başakşehir Velibaba Cem and Culture Foundation a month ago. Twenty-one suspects were detained on Monday, 12 of them minors. The police are still looking for four others, while some of those already detained have criminal records linking them to the PKK, having been previously arrested for arson in attacks staged by the terrorist group.

The Cemevi in Başakeşehir was the target of Molotov cocktails and stones in an attack on Dec. 26, 2010. The counterterrorism unit was able to launch a comprehensive operation after studying footage from surveillance cameras found throughout the area, resulting in Monday’s arrests. The raids were staged at 30 different locations in İstanbul’s Başakşehir and Küçükçekmece districts.

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