Beijing store owner threatens suicide after getting eviction notice

‘We can’t go on living, we invested all our money in this shop, a lifetime of savings, my grandparents’ pension – a total of 1.6 million yuan,’ or $243,000, 27-year-old Beijing store owner Wang Shibo told AFP.

Land disputes have become the nation’s biggest source of unrest, triggering countless violent protests and a handful of self-immolations as residents take matters in their own hands.

Wang Shibo sits drenched in petrol outside her Beijing shop, in a final and desperate protest against the forced demolition of the store.

Officials have promised Wang they will take action. But she has pledged to go ahead with self-immolation if the outcome is not satisfactory.

‘We will commit suicide before the Lunar New Year (February 3), because we have no money to go home anyway,’ she told AFP.

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