Nationalists to hold a mass rally against Caucasians in St. Petersburg

A mass rally against Caucasians, is expected to be held in St. Petersburg.

It was provoked by the mass scuffle that occurred in the city yesterday, Jan. 23.

Tuesday, January 25, a protest meeting aimed at protecting Caucasians from the Russian nationalists will take place in the Kupchino district. According to some information, approximately 100-150 thousand people are expected to attend the event, EvroSMI reports.

The assembly will take place on the occasion of the mass brawl with Caucasians, which occurred in the area. According to the organizers, as a result of the fight, two teenagers were injured, one of which received three stab wounds and the other two gunshot wounds. Eleven people had been detained. According to some sources, there were Azerbaijanis among the detainees.

At the moment, both teenagers are in a children’s hospital. Participants of the rally are planning to collect money for the victims.

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