Egypt sees spate of independent protests, sit-ins nationwide

Egypt on Sunday witnessed a number of popular protests in different cities countrywide.

In Cairo, scores of Al-Azhar University graduates staged protests before the dean’s office to demand that the university’s administration appoint them to staff positions. Administrators, for their part, say there are no job vacancies.

Meanwhile, some 1500 employees of the Mansoura University Hospital staged a sit-in to demand that they be granted permanent employment contracts. Demonstrators complain that they have worked at the hospital for as many as 15 years on temporary contracts.

In another hospital in Gharbiya, some 300 employees staged protests against the management’s failure to pay out bonuses for the last three months.

In Cairo, more than 300 importers of automobile parts demonstrated before the parliament building to protest the Customs Authority’s refusal to release their merchandise.

In Al-Shorouk City, landowners staged demonstrations before the ruling National Democratic Party’s provincial headquarters, claiming that they had been conned by a certain development company.

And in Port Said, some 50 women staged demonstrations to protest their deteriorating health and financial situations, while residents of the village of Kottour in Gharbiya protested against a decision by the local council to raise fees on building licenses.

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