Indian officers learn jungle warfare in Nepal

Kathmandu: Nepal Army for the first time is organising anti-insurgency and jungle warfare training for foreign military officers, including those from India.

Eight Army officers from Bangladesh, China, India, Malaysia, Pakistan and Sri Lanka are taking part in the anti-insurgency training programme at the Anti-insurgency Training Directorate in Nepalgunj in western Nepal.

Altogether, 39 Army officers including 31 from Nepal Army are attending the two and a half month long training programme, according to Nepal Army Headquarters.

Chief of Army Directorate Gen Anil Jung Thapa initiated the training programme by delivering the first lecture to the cadets.

The Nepal Army fought a decade-long Maoist-led insurgency that ended in 2006. At least 12,000 people were killed in the civil war before a landmark peace agreement in November 2006 paved the way for the Maoists to join mainstream politics.


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