Anti-migrant offensive of Neo-Nazi groups in Salt

Salt Local Police have arrested a young man of 33 years and resident of Girona who is linked to far-right movements, and accused of intentionally burning two dumpsters Wednesday night. The arrest of this young man  recruited by his relationship with neo-Nazi groups, has occurred at a time when these factions are making Internet calls to intervene in Salt against “immigrant invasion.”

Salt is a clear example of the Islamic threat and Saharan riots that occurred in this population are proliferating on the websites of these groups statements such as Salt is “clear example of the Saharan Islamic threat to Spain, and that is a municipality that “years ago ceased to be Spanish.” In this sense, qualify the presence of foreigners in this population as “a potential bomb.”


While Thursday was more visible police presence on the streets of the town, it was learned that he died Mohamed R., 16 years old Moroccan who fell from a fifth floor while running from the Local Police after stealing a motorcycle. This event was triggered vandalism of a youth group last weekend, which ended with the burning of container, cars and motorbikes.

Is a town that for years longer españolEste Thursday, the mayor, Iolanda Pineda, was quick to issue a statement dismissing as “tragic event” the boy’s death, but at the same time, warning that this incident “in no way justify any act of vandalism. ”

On the eve of Saturday’s march, organized by neighborhood associations, Pineda called for “calm and seny.” For its part, the director general of the Catalan police, Manel Prat, said there is “no indication” of malpractice in the death of the Moroccan child. And nuance that the incidents of last Friday and Saturday in Salt no relationship between them.

Before the death of young Mohamed, the neighborhood associations had been raised in Salt concentration ring on Saturday, but finally, on Thursday decided to celebrate because “more than ever PTO spirit of the event, focusing on defense “coexistence.” Salt consider “have the right to express civic and orderly way” that neighbors want to “live in peace and well.”

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