Peruvian police clash with squatters

Hundreds of police and security forces in Peru have clashed with a squatter community to force them out of a privately owned land lot near the capital of Lima.

Police resorted to force on Wednesday to make squatters leave a private property, claiming their residence in the place had been illegal.

Violent clashes broke out after the squatters resisted baton-wielding police forces who clashed with the settlers and arrested a number of people.

Some squatters have been living in the area for over 25 years and claim themselves to be the rightful owners of the properties they live in.

On December 24, Peruvian riot police clashed with thousands of squatters wielding clubs and rocks in a pitched battle over an archaeological site near Lima which the migrants occupied a day earlier to demand decent housing conditions.

Nearly 2,000 police officers and one helicopter were called in for the hour-long clearing operation which resulted in 50 arrests.

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