Security Forces Arrest Five Protesters in Sana’a Province

At least five of human rights activists were arrested by Yemeni security forces while participating in a protest that took place in Sana’a province in support of Tunisians.
The protest headed from Sana’a University’s campus to the Tunisian embassy flanked by human rights activists, when they were stopped by protesters supporting Saleh’s regime.
Protesters chanted anti-government slogans, they called for Arab people to wage a “revolution against their scared and deceitful leaders” and chanted: “Liberty’s Tunisia, Sana’a salutes you a thousand times.”
On the other hand, Yemen’s Interior Ministry ordered the security apparatus in Sana’a and others provinces to treat protesters peacefully. This order came only two days after two demonstrations were held by Yemeni students on Saturday and Sunday in Sana’a province.

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