Fears grow as Jordanian prisoners in Iraq stage hunger strike

Jan 17, 2011
Amman – Jordanian prisoners in Iraqi jails have staged a hunger strike in response to attacks by Iraqi detainees and officials in charge of the prisons, the Jordanian Trade Unions Council said Monday.

‘The Freedoms Committee of the professional societies have received information that Jordanian prisoners at Iraqi jails have launched a hunger strike after being exposed to threats of killing,’ The council’s president Abdul Hadi Falahat said in a letter to Jordanian Prime Minister Samir Refai.

He urged Rifai to seek the release of about 40 Jordanians who were detained in Iraq after the downfall of the former regime of President Saddam Hussein.

There was no independent confirmation available of the hunger strike, through the Egypt-based Organization for Human Rights also reported about the hunger strike.

Rifai, who visited Baghdad two weeks ago, reportedly discussed the issue with his Iraqi counterpart Nuri al-Maliki.

The Iraqi authorities promised to speed up the trial of the Jordanian detainees, some of them are charged with fighting the US- led invasion forces, media reports said.

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