Foxconn faces Chengdu plant riots

14 Jan

Riots have hit the Foxconn’s Chengdu plant which has seen two employees injured.

According to the Global Times, the injuries occurred when a fight erupted between two groups of workers at the complex, which employs around 22,000 people.

However, Foxconn has claimed the incident was not work related. Some analysts agree -suggesting that the fights broke out as a result of the Chinese Lunar New Year holidays.

They claimed that the atmosphere in the plant could be tense and easily trigger employees’ emotions as many are busy preparing to return to their hometowns. As a result disputes can easily break out, which then have a chance to turn into conflict.

We’re curious: did Foxconn report the incident to the local authorities or settle the dispute with its own, allegedly heavy-handed “security”, given the strict running of the plants and leader Terry Gou’s stringent approach to work ethics and er discipline.

The company wouldn’t be the first to have its own band of rag-tag IT lawmen. Compaq, allegedly, used to have its own PC plods and jails. While in the West we hear Google has armed security officers scanning the perimeter of its HQ in Googlemobiles.

Meanwhile Foxconn admits that another employee, a woman, fell to her death at its notorious Shenzhen plant earlier this month.

The unnamed employee had “been on sick leave” at the time of her death following a rebuke by factory heads who told her she would lose her job. She’d been at the be-netted towers of doom since 2005.

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