Five Police, 11 Prisoners Injured in Riot at Uruguay Prison

MONTEVIDEO – Five policemen and 11 prisoners were slightly injured in a riot Saturday night in the prison in Canelones, the second most important province in Uruguay, authorities announced.

Among the injured is the director of the incarceration facility, who was hit in the face with a stone thrown by prisoners after they destroyed one of their cells.

The riot occurred after an encounter between rival groups of inmates inside the prison, where a total of about 270 prisoners rioted, according to officials with the Police Headquarters in Canelones.

To control the situation, it was necessary to call in anti-riot units with the Canelones and Montevideo police, who used rubber bullets and tear gas to subdue the uprising, the sources added.

Of the 11 prisoners who were hurt, three were taken to a Canelones hospital to be treated for their injuries, but none of them are reported to be in mortal danger.

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