Greece Asks for Assistance from Italy Regarding Anarchist Attacks

07 January 2011
Greek magistrates have requested help from their Italian counterparts.  They are investigating the spate of letter-bombs sent to a string of embassies in December, just over a week before the beginning of the trial of an anarchist group that carried out similar attacks in Athens in November.
The news was revealed to the ANA agency by judiciary sources.  The sources say that the details have been requested in particular, regarding the detonation systems on the letter-bombs sent to the Swiss and Chilean embassies. Italian investigators had previously asked their Greek counterparts for information on the methods with which the November attacks were carried out.
The growing collaboration between Italian and Greek police seems to confirm suspicions by investigators of strategic, if not yet operational collusion between the Informal Anarchist Federation (FAI).  They claimed responsibility for the attacks in Italy with the name of Lambros Fountas, an anarchist killed in a shoot-out in Athens, and the Conspiracy of Fire Groups (SPF), which in turn claimed responsibility for the letter-bombs and the attack on a court in Athens with the name of the Italian “freedom” writer, Horst Fantazzini, and sent its congratulations to FAI for its actions.
The ideological reference point for both organisations seems to be the Italian anarchist, Alfredo Bonanno, the 73-year old insurrectionism theorist, who was recently freed in Greece after standing trial for assisting a robbery.

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