Four demonstrators prosecuted due to the incidents in Constitucion

January 5

Due to the protest that blocked the Railroad Roca, which occurred Dec. 23 and resulted in incidents of Constitucion, the federal judge of Quilmes, Luis Armella, prosecuted without preventive prison four accused of having led the protest.

Esteban Merino, Dario Hospital, Eduardo Beliboni and Miguel Morales are the four defendants accused of crimes of “public transport disruption and extortion”.

They are accused of disrupting the normal operation of the electric train service of the Roca Railroad on December 23, 2010 from 11.30 am.

They were also accused of having demanded, along with 150 other people, through intimidation, to the National Ministry of Labor and SA UGOFE the payment of salaries and the addition to the permanent staff of 60 people by signing a document.

The detainees refused to release the railways if they don’t achieve what they wanted to.

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