Georgian police break up hunger strike by civil war veterans in Tbilisi

January 04, 2011

Police on Monday broke up a hunger strike in the Georgian capital and detained three of the protesting veterans who took part in Georgia’s 1991-1994 civil war and the August 2008 conflict with Russia.

The protest staged in front of the Monument to the Fallen in downtown Tbilisi started on Dec. 27.

The veterans accused the authorities of neglecting their welfare.

The protesters and their relatives said that they had been left with no source of income after being discharged from the armed services and from various state institutions.

In accordance with a 2007 government directive, Georgia’s war veterans who fought in the civil war are eligible for a monthly allowance of 22 Georgian laris (12.5 U.S. dollars) for utilities, and they can travel by public transport free of charge.

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