Vandals cost Scotland £15m in just seven months

Dec 29 2010

VANDALS have caused more than £15 million worth of damage in Scotland in just seven months.

Figures showed there were 42,567 incidents from January to the end of July.

The crimes include children’s playparks being damaged, buildings set ablaze and parked cars smashed to pieces.

The total cost to the taxpayer was almost £5.5 million.

Tory justice spokesman Bill Aitken said: “What an appalling waste of money.

“Councils and governments provide play facilities, leisure and recreational activities. Yet a number of moronic individuals decide to cause this level of destruction.

“This is an appalling indictment on those who cause this mindles s destruction throughout Scotland and I hope the courts punish them as severely as possible.”

Richard Baker, Labour justice spokesman, added: “These are shocking figures.

“The Scottish government needs to take a much tougher stance against these individuals.”

The figures showed there were 14,000 fewer acts of vandalism during the same period last year.

A Scottish government spokesman said they were mak ing “substantial progress” in dealing with the problem.

He said: “Vandalism dropped 15 per cent last year to stand at its lowest level since 2001.

“The efforts of the police and local authorities in cracking down on this problem will continue.”

One of the worst cases of vandalism was a £50,000 attack on tycoon Donald Trump’s Aberdeenshire golf resort in April. Two diggers were wrecked and 3000 litres of fuel were contaminated.

Also in April, Daniel Carlin, 19, caused more than £4000 wor th of damage by scrawling graffiti on dozens of road signs on the A9.

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