Palestinian detainees in Eichel go on a hunger strike

Ramallah, December 27, (Pal Telegraph) –A hunger strike will be held today by Eichel jail detainees as a protesting against the tragic conditions they live in, Ahrar center for the study of prisoners and human rights said.

The lawyer, Mohammed Abdeen, said that the detainees have returned their meals along the previous week. Adding, the detainees warned the prison administration from continuing torturing them or neglecting their demands.

The lawyer mentioned after hardly talking to one of the detainees that the prison administration is increasing restrictions as well as depriving the basic needs like soap hand-washing and clothes .The detainees also are denied to purchase from the canteen of the prison.
It is pointed out that the detainees can’t operate any electric thing due to a sever weakened with electricity.

The detainees are suffering from the bad smell coming out from the external filled dirt windows since the administration refused cleaning them.

The director of Ahrar office appealed human rights institutions, international organizations, and media to divulge the Israeli occupation crimes against the Palestinian detainees.

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