Nigeria : Bombing shuts down Chevron

A bombing attack has forced US oil giant Chevron to shut down production in the Niger Delta, as unrest and repression in the Delta continues.

On Monday 20 December a Chevron spokesman confirmed that its Dibi-Abiteye pipeline had been attacked and breached on 17 December.

The company has suspended production to stop oil pouring out of the breach and it said the breach is being investigated and we are reviewing our operations. The attack is being blamed on John Togo’s Niger Delta Liberation Force (NDLF). The news comes just as another oil major, Exxon Mobil, was able to resume operations at its Oso field after a November attack on a platform by the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND), another militant movement for Delta inhabitants rights formerly led by Henry Okah, who is in jail in South Africa on terrorism charges.

Attempts by the military to neutralise rebel movements and capture their leaders often turn bloody. Earlier this month troops went into Ayakoromor village in an attempt to arrest John Togo, after a number of soldiers were killed in an attack. The army raid allegedly killed about 150 civilians and destroyed several homes.

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