Dockworkers block Avellaneda Bridge

Workers in the Argentine United Dockworkers Union (SUPA) block the entrance to the Nicolás Avellaneda Bridge on the Greater Buenos Aires side, which unites the Avellaneda neighborhood with the city, as part of a protest led by Exolgan employees who demand higher salaries and improved labor conditions.

Yesterday, the SUPA carried out a day filled with protests against the multinational company and ratified they would continue to “fight” after the recent failure to start a dialogue with Exolgan representatives.

A union spokesman explained that “there was no way to schedule a meeting between the company and union representatives at the Ministry of Labour.”

The organization, led by Juan Corvalán, ratified that workers would continue their protests today since the company “refuses to acknowledge the SUPAS’s legal status, in what constitutes a blatant disobedience to the law.”

“This leads to outsourcing labour and precarious employment for hundreds of dockworkers,” Mr. Corvalán said, who also said there would be several “surprise roadblocks” throughout town.

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