Balochistan Journalists Protest against Colleagues’ Murder

Khuzdar – Protets against the killings of journalists continue in Balochistan province and UNESCO’s top official Irina Bokova has asked the Pakistani authorities to probe the recent murder of journalist Muhammad Khan Sasoli.
Journalists in Balochistan continued to hold protests against the failure of the government in protecting journalists in the southwestern province of Balochistan. The protests follow the shocking murder of a reputed senior journalist Muhammad Khan Sasoli in Khuzdar District, some 900 km from the federal capital Islamabad.
Muhammad Khan Sasoli, 36, was the president of the Khuzdar Press Club and correspondent of the TV channel Dawn News. He was shot dead on December 14, 2010, by unidentified armed persons, riding a motorbike, who opened fire at him while he was on his way back home. Among his mourners are a widow and a son beside his elderly parents. Sasoli’s murder has evoked a chain of protests among the journalists of Balochistan, a province where Baloch nationalists have been asking independence from Pakistan and where security situation always remains tense due to armed clashes between security forces and militants.
Sasoli’s murder follows that of the ex-president of Khuzdar Press Club, named Faiz Din, who was killed in a similar incident eight months ago. Another Baloch journalist Hameed Hayatan of Gawadar (some 360 km from Khuzdar) was killed after being kidnapped earlier this year. The murders of these journalists have caught international attention and media channels have strongly condemned the killings of Baloch journalists on both national and international level.
UN official Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO in Paris, has also condemned Sasoli’s murder. In a press statement, issued on December 17, 2010, she asked Pakistani authorities to investigate the killing and take measures to check violence against journalists.

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