Andro tense after AR pull up women

Imphal, December 18 2010: A very tense situation gripped Andro following arrest of two women including a maiden by Assam Rifles troops.

Troops of 28 AR posted at Andro Loupaochum pulled up Yumkhaibam Ibemcha Devi (21) d/o late Khoijao and Chingakham (O) Loitang Devi (50) w/o Palendro, both belonging to Andro Maringthel from a house of the neighbourhood at about 10.30 am today.

Meanwhile, a late report informed that the arrested duo have been handed over to their respective family members in presence of local MLA Th Shyamkumar and Imphal East commandos.

Ibemcha’s aunt, Salam (O) Ahanbi who witnessed the incident said that two AR personnel came in first and enquired about Ibemcha’s house.

Then, they asked for Ibemcha.

At that time, Ibemcha was at the house of Loitang.

As Ibemcha came out and asked the reason why she was being looked for, the AR personnel said, “Our commander would like to have a few words with you” .

Till this moment Ibemcha was little concerned.

But soon after, two other security personnel came in and started pulling Ibemcha.

This resulted in a tussle with the AR personnel on one side and Ibemcha, Loitang and Ahanbi on the other.

The AR troops managed to pull away Ibemcha after firing three rounds of shots.

Apprehensive that anything might happen to Ibemcha as she is a maiden, Loitang went together with the AR troops.

On learning about the arrest, a large number of womenfolk assembled together and went after the AR troops in a truck and a mini-truck.

But they could not locate the AR troops who came in three Gypsy’s and a Bolero jeep.

Meanwhile, a woman activist of Andro has strongly condemned the manner Ibemcha was arrested.

“Neither any arrest memo was furnished nor any woman police was present at the time of arresting Ibemcha.

How could the AR troops manhandle a young woman.

This was an abominable act of the part of AR troops”, she asserted.

Both the parents of Ibemcha are no more.

He two younger brothers live in a children home.

Ibemcha was earlier a member of a women body called Yaiphakol.

But she has left the organisation and has been working at home weaving clothes.

The woman activist warned that massive and intense protest agitation would be launched if Ibemcha and Loitang are not released at the earliest.

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