Violent clashes between residents of Buenos Aires and migrants

Hundreds of police in anti-riot gear and dozens of armored vehicles: Residents of Buenos Aires in Argentina, woke up to a climate worthy of a battle field after order forces intervened on Saturday in the Villa Soldati park, to put an end to several days of rioting between locals and migrant squatters who had set up their tents to protest the lack of decent housing in the city.

These confrontations did not go unnoticed on the local web. Many pictures have been posted online by residents of Buenos Aires and show how people from the Villa Soldati park area had been gathering in the streets since Tuesday to protest against the high numbers of migrants in the capital. As we see in these Flickr photos, the protestors denounced the inaction of the authorities by blocking access to the neighbouring motorway.

As illustrated in these various amateur videos that are currently circulating online, the demonstrations degenerated. Several migrants have been killed and dozens of others injured. Certain Buenos Aires residents prevented ambulances from arriving at the scene.

The City Mayor, Mauricio Macri responded quickly. And he is accusing the government of allowing the situation to deteriorate to the point of no return. On Twitter, he is asking residents to remain calm, and says that the authorities have not insured the people’s safety.

Miguel Pirela meanwhile, an Argentine web user, is slamming some of his fellow citizens for being xenophobic and attacking defenseless migrants. He says it is Argentine people who have grievances; yet it is they who killed migrants and not the contrary.

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