11 injured as demonstrators clash with police in E Afghanistan

KHOST, Afghanistan, Dec. 11 (Xinhua) — Eleven people including three policemen and eight demostrators were injured as they clashed in eastern Paktia province on Saturday, provincial police chief Abdul Ghafar Safi said.

“Eight demonstrators and three police sustained injuries as police opened fire to disperse the demonstrators but the demonstrators resisted and hurled stones on police in provincial capital Gardez city today,” Safi told Xinhua.

The protest took place in the wake of alleged killing of seven civilians by NATO-led troops in Gardez city early Saturday.

Meantime, locals said that NATO-led troops raided the compound of a construction company early Saturday killing seven guards of the firm, all are innocent Afghans.

However, NATO-led Coalition forces insisted those killed in the operation were militants who were involved in carrying out subversive activities.

Meanwhile, the alliance in a statement released here said,” Coalition forces are looking into allegations that seven members of a private security company were killed during an Afghan and coalition force operation in Paktia province early today.”

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