Two Prisoners die in Taiz Jail

Two detainees died, several others wounded after a riot broke out inside a prison in Taiz province.
Local sources said that, Abdu Jabar, 32, and Atef Al-Hidary, 18, died in the prison from smoke inhalation after the prisoners burnt their belongings inside the cells such as pillows and blankets.
The cause of riot inside the jail according to sources is the desire of prisoners to obtain the right to use mobile phones in their cells after being prohibited by prison authorities.
Security forces were involved in the situation to control the riot. 11 prisoners were taken t o the Political Security building after riots were under control, close sources told Yemen Post.
In related news, Yemeni Parliament formed last week a committee from its members to investigate the frequent accidents in prisons and submit its report about the current situation inside Yemeni prisons to the parliament.

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