Clashes as Glasgow students join protest

10 Dec 2010
Hundreds of students clashed with police as they marched through Glasgow city centre in protest of Coalition Government cuts.

As they marched down Sauchiehall Street carrying ‘RIP my degree’ banners they occupied a Vodafone shop in protest of the shop’s unpaid tax bill.

It resulted in one man being arrested.

Henry Bell, 21, a theology student at the University of Glasgow from Bristol, said: “We just wanted to go in and stop the shop from functioning, we weren’t being violent.”

The protest was organised by student groups from Glasgow’s universities including Glasgow University Anti-cuts Action Network (ACAN).

A number of schoolchildren also joined the march.

When they marched down Buchanan Street and on to George Square, traffic came to a standstill and police struggled to control the crowd resorting to kettling in a bid to stop the protesters from overflowing onto the road.

Glasgow School of Art student Scott Caruth, 20, said: “It’s just been horrible, they’re trying to fence us in and stop us from protesting but it’s completely legal what we’re doing. People have been hit and injured.”

Glasgow University student Jack Ferguson, 27, who was a steward at the march explained why they had taken to the streets. He said: “We want to show our solidarity to students in England.

“What will happen if the fees go up there is that English students will not be able to afford to go to university, they might want to come up to Scotland where universities are overflowing.”

David Lilburn, 28, a medical doctor graduate from Glasgow’s West End said the protests would continue. He said: “We will not stop protesting about the cuts. This is just the start.”

Glasgow SNP MSP Bill Kidd said he had wished the students luck before their protest.

“Changes that take place in Westminster affect Scotland too. I’m glad they’re speaking out.”

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