Turkish Students Hurl Eggs to Protest Istanbul Police Brutality

University students in Ankara threw eggs at a visiting member of the Turkish parliament, shutting down an academic panel in protest at police brutality against students in Istanbul over the weekend.

Students from Ankara University’s School of Political Sciences greeted ruling Justice and Development Party politician Burhan Kuzu with a banner reading “Welcome to the collective egg festival.” They then hurled eggs and other objects, forcing him to leave the auditorium under the cover of an aide’s umbrella, footage aired on NTV television showed today.

Kuzu, head of the ruling party’s constitutional committee, called for the immediate resignation of the head of the university’s political sciences faculty.

Earlier, the same group had protested Suheyl Batum, a parliament member from the opposition Republican People’s Party, refusing to listen to him speak at the panel on Turkey’s constitution. Batum accused the students of “fascism.”

The students in the Turkish capital were protesting the beatings of student protesters by police outside a meeting between Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and university rectors on Dec. 4 in Istanbul, Turkey’s largest city and commercial center.

Tensions rose when Turkish media reported that one of the students, a pregnant 19-year-old, suffered a miscarriage as a result of the violence.

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